“Caveat Emptor” – Reflections Style
by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

“The cat's in the oven and a silver spoon. I love Yoohoo and the man in the moon!”

“Umm… Art? Those aren't the right words,” came Daniel's soft question.

I chuckled, flipping the empty Canadian bottle upside down to drip into the sink. “I know. It's from when Zo and I were kids. If she didn't know the lyrics to a song, she'd fake it, and Finn and I would tease her mercilessly.”

Before he could do more than smile, Cass stormed in the back door, soaking wet, with Sam following close behind. “Cassandra Fraiser! You cheated! The race was to duck walk from the car. You ran like your socks are on fire, which means you cheated.”

“Dude, I so did not cheat,” she shot back. “It's not my fault you broke open the bag of coffee grounds.”

“My coffee?” Daniel squeaked, dashing to Sam's side to rescue her precious cargo.

“Pregnant woman coming through,” Janet bellowed. “Anyone not moving gets hooked up to Cooper's lead outside, and I don't care that it's raining cats and dogs outside.”

A path was instantly cleared for my ahgahpee mou and I moved to kiss her, helping her ease out of her jacket. “Welcome home, love,” I murmured, then turned to smack both Cass and Sam on their backs. “You two, go get changed, or we're not watching that San Antonio special.”

Sam's squeak of surprise made me laugh, which caused Cass to roll her eyes, but hurry with her coat and shoes anyway. “So, Art, do they really have alligators in San Antonio?”

“Any gondolier on the riverfront will say yes, especially if they want a big tip.”

“Wait a minute,” Janet piped up. “I thought we were going to watch Deanna run the Enterprise into the ground on the new big screen.”

Even as she batted those big brown eyes at me, I had to chuckle. “Jan, love, you never struck me as a Trekkie,” I teased.

“I'm not,” came her suggestive reply. “I just have a thing for sexy Greek women in the military.”

“Oh gross!” Cass lamented as I leaned in for a kiss. “I'm so outta here if you're gonna get all freaky like that!”

I casually waved at her as I deepened the kiss.

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