AUTHOR: Elizabeth Carter
TITLE: You Can Fix This, Right?
STATUS: finished.
PAIRING: Sam/Janet (established)
DISCLAIMER: The story, and characters and anything and everything else concerning SG: SG1 belong to MGM, Gekko, Secret Productions etc, they are so not mine and no money is being made from this and no copyright infringement is intended, absolutely none what so ever. This is just a fanfiction using the characters that were created by some wonderfully imaginative people, brought to life by some wonderfully talented actors purely for entertainment. Oh yeah another note this story depicts a relationship of a loving and sexual nature between two consenting adult women.
SUMMARY: A slight accident on an alien planet leaves Sam in a very strange condition.
ARCHIVE: Sure give me a heads up where.
ARTHOR'S NOTES: answer to the challenge from Shatterpath.

  The klaxon sound blared throughout the complex and a female voice droned, “Off world activation… Repeat, off world activation. Alert, incoming travelers, med-team to the Gate-room. Incoming travelers, med-team to the Gate-room.”

The wormhole whooshed open, spewing out four weary travelers heavily upon the metal walkway with a clang.

Janet prayed to god it wasn't SG1, she prayed it wasn't Sam… She was a professional, and a captain in the USAF, as well as the CMO of Stargate Command. And she knew how to wear a mask to disguise her deep feelings for Sam Carter. For two years they had been lovers, and had enough practice to cover their love for one another. 'Don't ask, don't tell' commanded this of them. To have the relationship they did, both the tall blonde and the Lilliputian doctor had to appear to others as if they were but close friends.

“SG1, what happened?” General Hammond ordered as he saw Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, holding what looked to be refugee children. “Where are Captain Carter and Teal'c?” He gray eyes a little worried for the missing members.

Janet was the first inside the large chamber, her heart beating a thousands parsecs a second, dreading the worst. She didn't see Sam, or the large Jaffa, her doe-shaped brown eyes widened in a momentary hiccup of despair, but recovered quickly with a stone mask of professionalism.

“They're right here.” Jack said as he lifted the blanket of covering a young boy's face. For all intents and purposes it looked as if he was holding Ray'ack, son of Teal'c.

In like manner, Daniel uncovered the blanket that was warming his own would be refugee. The child could be no more then six, with a thatch of unruly golden hair. Janet's mouth dropped open, starring at the tiny unconscious blonde girl in Daniel's arms.

“What? How…Colonel?” Hammond stuttered, his gray eyes still disbelieving.

“Yeah, that's my thought.” O'Neill commented. “But it's them, sir. We were under attack; Carter and Teal'c were hit by some sort of energy wave thing that Carter could explain if she was awake…”

As if on cue, the bundle in Daniel's arms shifted as she was coming to. “Daniel put me…” Blue eyes grew wide, as Sam realized that the sound she heard was not of someone who was thirty-one years old but the pipsqueak tone of a child. “Holy Hanna!”

  The young archeologist set his astonished ward down upon the metal walkway; blue eyes stared disbelievingly into Janet's brown orbs. Suddenly feeling rather dwarfed next to the others, not to mention her uniform hung on her drowning her in layers of olive canvas, she teetered to the walkway, sitting down trying to catch her breath.

A moment latter, Teal'c roused, and Jack set the teen down. Teal'c looked down at his diminutive stature, a dark eyebrow rose to a cap of dark hair. “I believe something has gone wrong.” The tone was the same as his normal stoic self though not the pitch of the former goliath sized Jaffa.

“Get them into the infirmary.” Janet ordered, before Hammond could question the CO of SG1 further.  

A thorough exam of all members of SG1, reported that each were respectively fit and in perfect health for a six year old and a thirteen year old. The others too were in good health, and it appeared as if Jack O'Neill had lost five years, Daniel was the only member of the team who was completely unaffected.

Sitting upon an examination bed was a scowling blonde six-year-old Sam Carter. She watched as Janet wrapped her stethoscope around her neck before jotting down a few notes upon the clipboard. Then her dark eyes lifted to her patient on the bed.

Concern filled her chocolate eyes, but try as she might it was nearly impossible to hide her grin.

“It isn't funny.” The small voice of Sam Carter growled.

“I'm sorry.” Janet tried to conceal her smile. Stepping closer to Sam, she patted the small knee, whispered for the tiny blonde's ears alone. “You know you made a pretty cute little girl.”

Sam glared.

“Even if you're pouting.”

“I'm not pouting I'm brooding.” Sam quipped. “You can fix this right?” tiny hands gestured to the pint-sized body, an expression of hope in cerulean eyes. Her voice taking on her childhood Canadian accent.

“Sam, I …have no idea how this happened. Before I can even try to figure out how to 'fix' this I need to know what happened to you and Teal'c. Can you tell me anything?” She touched softly the arm of Sam, her voice soothing, trying to exorcize the apprehension she knew to be within the soul she loved.

“We were…looking around the ruins near the Stargate, Daniel was jotting down notes and copying the pictographs…near the riverfront” Blonde eyebrows narrowed, as the voice was strange to her ears. “And this guy…came out of the rock walls, like he was a part of it. Said something… Teal'c and I were standing fairly close to what looked to be an alter…it had a crystal formation going out of the center it was pretty interesting. This monk he looked more like a gondolier, I mean he had the stripy socks, shoes with the buckles and even that hat,” she waved her hand over her head, “he was dressed in that whole costume, he really didn't look like a priest, but he raised his hand…the next thing I know I am in the Stargate room, looking like this!”

Janet nodded, so the cause of Sam and Teal'c condition was due to a weapon discharge. It was not parasitic or Teal'c would not have been affected. But clearly something had happened that was directly proportionate to where the two teammates were standing and the blast that hit them. Daniel must have been far enough away as not to get hit by it, though Jack must have been hit by a ricochet wave of the energy backdraft.

“Sam, trust me I'll get the answers, don't worry.”

“Don't worry? Look at me!” Blue eyes grew wide. “I'm a kid! Only I'm not a kid. Oh god I don't want to go through puberty again…what a nightmare.” She leaned her golden head upon a hand that had been resting upon her knee.

The gravity of the situation had not been lost on the young doctor, but she could not help but think how utterly adorable the tiny Samantha Carter was. A mop of completely unruly blond wavy hair, hung over her large blue eyes. Her cuteness was only multiplied by the sweats she was wearing though they were the smallest coverings SGC had, Sam was still swimming in them. The cuffs of both the legs and arms had been rolled up several times, just so she wouldn't look like the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Cerulean eyes steadied upon chocolate orbs with such seriousness, that once more Janet found herself desperately trying to veil the smile. It was hard to remain placid when the face of a six year old held such a severe expression. “It still isn't funny.” Sam commented as she hopped off the table, before realizing the floor was further down then she was used to and nearly fell on her backside.

Janet reacted immediately and helped the tiny blonde up. At that moment Sam realized that she just came up to the top of Janet's waist; once five-foot-nine now she was three-foot-nine. It was a very odd experience for her.

“This is too weird.” Sam muttered. “I'm supposed to be the tall one.” To this she smiled, looking up at the dark haired woman she loved. And it occurred to her, that things would radically change, not only just now, but also in the future if things could not be reversed. With child like hopefulness that matched her age now; Sam looked up to the brunette. “I'm too young to experience a second childhood. Scotty beam me up I want to go home.”

Janet found the corners of her lips curling as she knelt upon her knee so that she was eye to eye with the very diminutive Sam Carter. “You never struck me as a trekkie, Sam.” She smiled broadly.

“Next Generation was better… I had a thing for Dr. Crusher. What, can I say I like red-auburn headed docs…” Sam smirked in a small child like smile, and then frowned, as she had to push up her sweatshirt for the umpteenth time.

“Please don't get mad about this, but…umm…you want me to bring over some of Cassie's old clothes… something that might fit?”

  “Oh god.“ Sam rolled her eyes… “Who ever heard of a parent getting hand me ups from their kid…this sucks.” Small arms folded over the little body. “But nothing cute. No pink kittens, or teddybears or Mini Mouse. Just jeans, a plain tee shirt…And I'm going to need shoes. But just plain sneakers, not the blinky kind we got Cassie.”

“You sure you don't want the blinky shoes, those are pretty cool.”

Sam gave Janet a sardonic look.

“Okay so no blinky shoes.” The brunette stifled a laugh, as her mind imagined the little Sam Carter running around blinking tennis shoes. “Babe, I'll get you hooked up with the some clothes. At the very least you won't be doing the duck walk in sweats that are ten times too large for you.”

“I appreciate it.” Sam said, as she ran her hand thru her unruly blonde thatch of hair. “But can you make me big again, you know the adult-sized Sam Carter?”

“Sweetie, I'll do everything I can. I know this is a little…” The doc struggled for the right word.

“Freaky.” Sam supplied. “Nothing short of freaky.”

Janet still managed to somehow suppress a smile, but she couldn't stop thinking how adorable the six-year-old Sam looked. The blonde stared at her reflection in the dark window of Janet's office. “My hair looks like a thistle.” Came a dry comment. “I need a shower.”

  Hours later:

The accident that had left both Sam and Teal'c in the bodies of their former child selves had not yielded an answer to Janet for the rest of the Med-lab. The only thing Sam had going for her now was at least her clothing fit her, for Janet had contacted Cassie and Jenny the nanny, telling them only that an abandoned child needed some clothes and Jack would be by to pick them up. It was deemed that neither Teal'c nor Sam would leave the complex until Janet had solved the issue.

Sam was in her quarters playing with her food as her appetite had diminished to nothing. There was a knock at her door that broke her resolve and gained her attention. Pushing up the thick sleeves of her overly large sweatshirt she was still dressed in, the tiny body of Sam jumped off the chair and wandered over to the door.

It took her by surprise when it was Cassie standing beside Janet at the door holding a bundle of clothes behind her, not Jack O'Neill.


“She wanted to come. Colonel O'Neill told her it was a refugee. Cassie thinking that since she was a refugee child herself that she could give some comfort. It wasn't until she was here that I told her the truth.” Janet had closed the door behind her, giving the three of them some privacy.

  Cassie was grinning widely. “Sam is that really you!”

“Yeah kiddo it is.” The high-pitched voice of the child Sam answered.

“Dude! This is so cool!”

Blue eyes rolled, “Glad someone thinks so.”

“Oh here, these are for you.” Cassie uttered as she was still starring at her diminutive hero as she handed her the bag of clothing.

Sam, pushed up the sleeves of her shirt once more, then shrugged out of them easily to slip in the pint sized jeans and plain black tee shirt. The shoes were simple white sneakers. Inside the paper grocery sack was a little red jacket with a hood.

“Um, it was raining out.” Cassie explained, “I didn't want the little girl to get wet. Of course that was before I found out the story of the refugee was a fake.”

Janet wandered over too the tray of now cold food, her face scowling at the uneaten meal. There was maybe a bite taken out of the ruben sandwich, a few fries nibbled on, there was an empty cup of what may have been coffee, with bits of granules in the bottom.

“How did you get coffee grounds in your drink?”

“I spilled the mix when I tried to reach for it.” Sam pointed to a cupboard and the automatic drip coffeemaker. “They thought I was Cassie in the Mess and wouldn't give me coffee, saying it would stunt my growth.” The little blonde snarled. “So I made my own. Of course crawling around on countertops to reach things high up has its disadvantages.”

Both the others laughed, and despite herself Sam found herself laughing herself. It was, when she thought of it, kind of funny.

“Hey, Sam I want to show you my new CD.” Cassie piped up going for her jacket she had shed. “It's the new label from Midnight Syndicate.”

“Midnight Syndicate?” Sam frowned.

“Yeah you know that underground Goth band. We heard their CD in Hot Topic. You bought me their first one remember? Now they have another.” The teen was excited as she handed the CD to the blonde.

Sam raised a tiny eyebrow as she started to read the song titles. Two of them caught her attention: “ 'The Cat's In The Oven.' What kind of song is that? And what's this? 'Your Socks Are On Fire.' Cassie…this music…”

“You checked it out before Sam…you said they were weird but they were okay for me to listen to. It's Goth it's supposed to be weird. And besides…you listen to some guy named Pink Floyd… and chicks named Ani Defranco and Indigo Girls and the titles of their songs are just as weird.”

“She has a point.” Janet said. “Our parents must have thought the stuff we listened too more then odd. And besides, you bought her that first one…”

Sam put her tiny hands up in surrender, “Okay I give…but I still think they need help in the title department… I mean who puts a cat in the oven with socks on fire? Where the hell did they get that from?”

“Saaammmmmm!!!!!” Cassie whined in a singsong voice. “Its just Goth.”

Six-year-old eyes looked deep into chocolate brown eyes. “Well she's got a point.” She shrugged then handed back the teen the CD. “Things change, yesteryear it was speed metal now its Goth. I'd hate to see what happens when you're our age, Cassie and the next generation is fanatical over their music.”

“Yeah….” Then Cassie smirked. “Hey I just thought of something!”


“I'm older than you are!” She put her hands on her hips, a large cheesy smile on her face. “This is so cool!”

“Yeah well it won't last.” Sam looked up to Janet with large hopeful eyes. “Right? I mean it won't last.”

“I'm working on a theory now, babe, don't worry. I'll fix this.”

“Well why don't you just go back thru the gate and undo it…I mean Colonel Jack said that a weirdly dressed dude did this to you and Mr. Teal'c so just ask him to undo it.”

“Actually the Colonel and Daniel are doing that right now.” Sam said. “But so far they can't find him. Daniel brought back a sample of the crystal ore on the alter, in case we might be able synthesize a cure from it.”

“I hope it works.” Cassie said. “Because…well it would suck if you were stuck like that.”

“Tell me about it.” Sam mouthed. “Things like this are supposed to happen to some Disney big-screen characters, not real people.”

She stifled a yawn, and blinked. Shaking her head, Sam nearly fell to the floor of her quarters as a wave of dizziness took her prisoner. Janet was quick to catch the child sized Sam Carter in her arms. Easily she carried the tiny girl to her bed and laid her down.

“Sam…Maybe you should go back to the infirmary.”

“No, I just need to lay down for a while, I'm a little more tired then I thought.” The small voice protested.

She saw deep brown eyes of concern watching her.

“Really Janet, I just need to sleep. It was only a head rush.”

Despite her better judgment, the doctor nodded. Besides if Sam fell asleep, there was little the pint-sized blonde could do if Janet carried her to the infirmary. “Okay, you just sleep, but anymore dizziness and you go back.” She very chastely kissed the forehead of Sam. “Deal?”


  “Sam, hon…what's a deal?”

Sam blinked and opened her eyes. For a moment she felt completely disorientated, but soon discovered she was in the bedroom she shared with the woman she loved, in the bed, under the covers spooning the smaller woman.

Smaller woman?!

Sam looked under the blanket, then laughed loudly

“Sam?” Chocolate eyes studied the tall blonde.

“A really freaky dream.” The blonde smiled contently. “That is the last time I let you talk me into using your kamikazes in a drinking game. Holy Hanna…what a bizarre vision.”

“That bad huh?” Janet kissed soft satin lips.

“Hummm.” Sam moaned savoring the touch of Janet's mouth. “Lets just say if things stayed they were in the dream, there was no way we could do this…” her hand slipped under the blanket, trailing along the length of Janet's thigh to the apex of her core, very pleased in the reaction she was gaining from the woman she loved.


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