Title: Unknown
Author: SheShe
Series: NBC's Third Watch

“Kim, what kind of a hint is Duck Walk?” Came the exasperated question from the passenger side of the ambulance, or bus as it was commonly called, as it returned from a run. Kim could not help laughing at the look on her partner's face. Alex's brow was furrowed; a sure sign that she was becoming ticked off that the game was going in Kim's direction.

“I can't believe that you don't know the answer to that one. It's Chuck Berry. You know when he crouches down with his guitar and kind of hops around the floor pretty much on one leg; you have seen that right?”

“Well yeah, but--.” Alex began only to be stopped by the slightly older woman. “But nothing, since the rules of the game clearly state that you only have to give a brief description of the person as long as it's something that most people would get. And 'most' people know about Chuck Berry. You just hate to lose.”

Letting out a slight sigh Alex had to admit to herself that she was right; Alex Taylor did hate to come in last. “Okay, my turn.” She was behind her friend by two points with only three more opportunities to catch up. She had to try and throw her off guard. “Monday night television. Rumor has it that her breasts are fake.”

“What!? My god, that's half of Hollywood if not all.” Catching the smile that played upon the pale blonde's small mouth, Kim knew that in some way it was a trick 'play' on Alex's part.

“If you want to give up . . . well . . . you can,” Alex said, watching Kim out of the corner of her eye. Seeing the determined way that Kim was staring ahead, she knew that her trick had not worked. She also knew that once the strawberry blond made up her mind that was it. It was also one of the things that Alex loved about her and could never tell her. She was not sure when her feelings for Kim turned from friendship to more except that it had intensified while Alex recovered from the injuries caused by a hit and run driver. She still remembered waking in the hospital hooked up to various monitors and Kim stroking her brow. Still, she knew that while she was bisexual, Kim was by all aspects straight. Nonetheless, it just felt so right.

“Let's see. I know on Monday nights that the only show you like besides Football is Everybody Loves Raymond, which you tape. I figure it has to be Patricia Heaton since I can't see the mother-in-law having implants.”

Kim's voice broke through her thoughts before she could dwell more on what could never be. “Damn, you got that one too. You're just too good for me tonight.”

“Yeah, it's freaky. I guess spending so much time around with you hasn't been all that bad. What, did I say something wrong?” Kim asked seeing the strange look on the petite woman's face.

“No, I was just thinking about something. That's all.” Alex replied but secretly she chastised herself for letting her emotions show through. However, Kim's words reminded her that tonight would be the last night spent in Alex's apartment. The flood, that had begun as a drip from Kim's upstairs neighbor's pipe, would be fixed and all of the water damaged repaired by tomorrow. How was she going to make it through another night with this beautiful woman sleeping close by? Oh sure, at the station house they shared a room, only it was actually a part of a larger dormitory filled with about 20 other people unlike her small apartment where Kim would be a few feet away on the couch.

“You know you can talk to me about anything. Right?” Kim's soft voice was close to her ear. Alex had once again been so engrossed in her thoughts that she had not noticed that the bus had pulled off into a parking lot.

“I know. And maybe one day I'll tell you, but not now.” If the butterflies in her stomach and the strong urge that she was fighting to nibble on Kim's earlobe were any indication, tonight would be one long night. Because it possibly would be the only night spent completely alone with Kim, there was no way she would risk ruining it by acting upon her feelings. So instead Alex simply said, “We'd better get going. It's your turn to cook and you know how the guys get.”

Kim nodded before continuing on. Nevertheless, Alex knew that she was filing the information away and would one day ask her about it. She only hoped that when the time came she would be ready.

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