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Title: Pairings

Author: John O'Connor


Rating: NC-17.

Pairings: Sam and Janet...and others...

Category: First Time

Date: 30 April, 2003.

Series: None.


Disclaimer:  "Stargate SG-1" and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SciFi Channel, Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author.

Summary: When "Oops!" becomes "Aah!"


'Seven writhed beneath the wicked delicious tongue of her lover.  Kathryn was incredibly skillful in the art of cunnilingus.  And Seven was her more than willing subject.'

The cursor moved click back.  The subfolder contents opened and the cursor opened one labeled 'BoP'.

Scrolling down...

'Barbara's wetness coated Helena's tongue.  It was sweet.  Sweeter than any wine.  And the heady aroma...'

Click back again.  Then another folder opened labeled 'DS9'.

'Nerys loved to tease her lover by nipping and licking her spots for what seemed an eternity to Jadzia.  But as much as she loved to sweetly torment the Trill, she loved to please the other woman even more.  She moved in on the wet core of the tall brunette...'

Back click again.  Yet another file opened, this one labeled 'B5'.

'Talia could feel her lover's orgasm through the physical link between her tongue and the Russian beauty's wet pussy.  It resonated in her mind, causing her own body to spasm in response.'

Back click.  The cursor moved over other files like 'ER', 'TNG', 'Division', 'BTVS', 'Gilmore',  'Andromeda', 'Angel' and 'Charmed'.

Another back click and the main file menu opened.  Files labeled 'stories', 'art', and 'photomanips' appeared.

The file 'art' was opened with smaller sub-files inside.  Similar labels as the 'stories' file with  some additional files labeled 'Supergirl', 'Batgirl', and other female comic characters.  'B5' had some well-done art of Talia and Ivana.  'Buffy' had some erotic art of Buffy and Willow.  In each file were jpeg illustrations of various characters from the given show, or comic, nude or in sexual situations, all lesbian in nature.

'Photomanips' again showed many of the same smaller files.  One of the 'Voyager' jpegs opened to show a nude Seven of Nine with some Borg implants never shown on TV.  Another has Kathryn Janeway in a leather corset with Seven at her feet.  'Buffy' contained nudes of Buffy, Willow, Faith, and Cordelia, among  others.  Every file had some solo images and some group shots in sexual positions.

Some of the images in the 'photomanips' file were familiar with different faces.  The celebrity images were cut and pasted onto existing nude pictures.  Many were practically flawless but others were obvious fakes.

"Jack, tsk-tsk," Sam whispered good-naturedly.  But she was surprised by this.  She had no idea he was interested in stuff like this.

A cd was inserted in the drive and copies of the files were burned into it.  Then she completely erased and reformatted the hard drive, then installed a new operating system and several other necessary programs.

All in all, Samantha Carter was quite pleased with herself.  Not only did she remove any adult material from Jack O'Neill's old computer she was rebuilding for her young friend, Cassandra, but she also managed to accumulate a nice selection of late night entertainment.

Glancing the disk, she called her friend to tell her the good news.

"Janet?  You free?  Good.  Listen, I have the computer set up.  I completely wiped the hard drive, upgraded the OS, and put in some new programs that I think Cassie will like.  When do you want me to bring it by?"  Sam paused as Janet said something.

"Yeah, it's here in my office.

"No.  Tomorrow night after work.  Yeah, after 6:30 is a-okay with me.  That'll be fine.

"Oh, no, I won't say anything to her.  Hell, I probably won't even see her.  She is still going to that weekend sleepover you were so worried about, isn't she?

"You were too worried!"  Sam laughed as her friend tired to sail the River Denial.

"Okay, okay.  Anyway, I'll network her old system in to transfer her files then set up the new one up.

"Oh, hey, I even managed to get her a scanner.  She can send her friends pictures and...

"Ah Janet, you don't have to do that.  But, if you insist, dinner will be happily accepted.

"Oh, I almost forgot.  I burned those games for you. There are a couple of cds here.  Don't know why you like those old Atari games but..."

Sam laughed at Janet's response.  "Okay, they're on my work table.  Yeah, I'll see ya."

Sam hung up and looked at the disk again.  She really wanted to look it over.  Since they were Earth-bound for the next two weeks at least, thanks to Daniel's bruised ribs, she had nothing pending.  She glanced at the hall entrance then slipped it into her drive.

Angling the monitor so no one walking by could possibly see it or a reflection, Sam began to explore the images and stories.  After quickly scanning what was available, she opted on a down and dirty "Birds of Prey" story.

Soon, she had to take a break and headed for the rest room.   Instead of the more traditional usage, she had other things in mind.

* * * * * *

Sitting down at her computer again, Sam quickly sniffed her fingers.  It was a disgusting habit but one thing she'd done since she had discovered masturbation as a teen.   It was more habit now than anything.

Scanning the contents again, she realized that all the stories and pictures were of pairs.  No story she has skimmed had solo sexual acts or multiple partners in the same scene.

'Interesting.  Woulda figured ol' Jack for some group stuff at least,' Sam thought.

Just as she opted for a specific file to peruse the stories there, Siler called.  He needed her help with some faulty MALP programming.

Acknowledging the call, she popped out the cd and placed it on the table.  Then she got up to leave.

Janet appeared in the door.  "He-ey!"

Sam smiled, "Hi Janet.  What brings you here?"

"Oh, it's slow.  No one has hurt themselves since your teammate tripped over that auxiliary cable so I figured I'd come down to thank you in person."

"Oh, that's not necessary.  Neither is dinner."  Sam quickly amended that statement, "But I am looking forward to it.

"Seriously, Jan.  It's the least I can do.  I got you corralled with a teenager and I can't help out as much as I'd like.  And this is just a small thing."

"Well, I still think thanks are in order.  And you will have to deal with them from both me and Cassandra."

"Well, don't forget that Jack O'Neill contributed.  He found a newer system with a 60-gig hard drive and decided to donate his old 40-gig.  Just had to wipe it clean."

Janet nodded, "You off?"

"Yup. Gotta help Siler in the MALP room."

"Okay.  Talk to you later."

Sam was in the hall as she said over her shoulder, "Your disks are on the desk."

* * * * * *

A couple of hours later, Sam returned to her lab.  She was ready to head home for a cocktail or two and some good ol' internet smut.

She had learned when she was in high school that she liked girls.  Having an older brother who wasn't too careful when he hid his old Playboys and Penthouses helped.

After just looking at the pictures, she began to read some of the letters in Penthouse.  In time, she came to realize that what turned her on the most were the girl/girl pictorials and the letters about two or more girls together.

Outwardly, she exhibited the het side of her bisexuality but, deep inside, she knew that was a small part of her sexual makeup.  As a rule, she had better sex with women than men.  And for the past few years, while everyone thought of her as a black widow, she was actually quite the ladies' lady.

Grabbing her jacket and cycle keys, she was about to leave when she remembered the disk.  She definitely planned to spend some quality time with her computer tonight.

But...the disk was gone! ((You knew this was coming, didn't you?))  Where...  Did it fall on the floor?  It wasn't in the drive.

Then Sam noticed that the disks she'd burned for Janet were gone too.

"Oh God!  I hope..."

Sam quickly called the Infirmary and was told Janet had left for the day.  She quickly punched in Janet's number.  She almost screamed when she heard the recorded greeting.  Instead, she took a deep breath and left a message.

"Janet, it's me.  Look, I think you grabbed one of my disks by mistake today.  Don't put it in your machine!"  Sam winced as she heard herself say that. "I...I mean, it's no good for you.  It might even...damage your computer.  Um, just give me a call and...I'll pick it up."

Sam slammed down her phone and dashed for the elevator to the surface.  The security checkpoints were endless and she actually snarled at the last set of guards before she could get to the parking lot.

Hopping on the Indian, she sped off down the mountain and into town.  Maybe she could get to Janet's before...

* * * * * *

Sam pulled up in front of the Fraiser house.  She had to force herself not to rush to the front door.  And not to punch the doorbell too hard.

But the real test was when no one answered.  Looking around for something to break, she thought of just picking the lock.

Yet another frustration, her lock picking tools were in her locker at the SGC.

"Damn it!" she said too loudly, instantly reddening when she realized a dog-walking neighbor had stopped to stare at her.

Finally, she calmed down enough to remember that it was Thursday.  Cass had soccer practice today.  That had to be where Janet was.

Sam debated the merits of waiting for them before deciding she did not want to spend two or three hours waiting.  She'd go home and leave another message, a less-frantic one.  Hopefully.

* * * * * *

Friday morning.

Sam glanced at the clock.  She still had twenty minutes before her alarm went off.  Dropping her head back to the pillow, she decided to take advantage of it.

Her night had not been too restful.  More restive as she woke from a couple of different nightmares.  All dealing with the internet smut on the disk.

The first dream wasn't clear but at some point during a briefing with the general and her team, she switched images on the big-screen.  As she discussed the tactical advantage of a ruin, everyone else gaped at the image of Buffy and Faith using a double-headed dildo.  As she tried to run from the room in shame, she tripped over her trousers which somehow were around her ankles.

The second was worse.  She was with Janet and Cassie when Cassie tossed a file folder of images and text on the dining room table.  Janet demanded to know what it was and Cassie simply pointed at Sam.  Janet slapped Sam and ordered her from the house and their lives.

Sam woke in a cold sweat, afraid she'd never see her little girl again.

Knowing they were both dreams didn't help much.  Sam knew that Janet could go to Hammond and show him what she had copied.

Or do just like her dream and forbid Sam from seeing Cassandra.

She didn't know which would be worse.

"...that was Smashmouth with their latest.  Next, news, traffic, and weather with our very own Jennie..."

Sam slapped the button on the clock radio, shutting off the DJ in mid stream.  She threw the covers off, stripped off her boxers and tank top to pad into the bathroom.

As the hot water poured over her, Sam's thoughts returned to her dreams and her fears.  Janet never did call her last night.

What if she had seen the disk?  And was too upset to even talk to Sam?

"Screw it!" Sam said as she lathered her hair.  "I can't do anything about it right now."

* * * * * *

In her small lab, Sam stared the pc she had set up for Cassie.  The day was almost over and she was supposed to take it to their house.

Normally, Sam would be happy, overjoyed even, to go there.  But Janet didn't come in today and Sam had no idea what was going on.  Or what might be going through Janet's head.

At one point, just after she came back from an uneaten lunch, she tried calling Janet only to get the damned machine again.

'God, I'm going to be sick,' she moaned to herself.

As she collected the computer and components and loaded them on a small cart, she again thanked the weather gods for the rain, causing her to take the Volvo this morning.  Otherwise, she'd have to go home then back here then to Janet's.

* * * * * *

Parking in Janet's driveway, Sam sat gripping the wheel tightly.  Taking a deep breath, she released the wheel and opened the door.

She was about to grab the computer tower from the trunk and head for the door.  She decided the drizzle was too much to expose the system to.  She'd get Janet to open the garage door and they'd run it in that way.

Provided Janet was willing to allow a degenerate in her house...

"Stop that!" Sam hissed quietly to herself.

She rang the doorbell.  The door slowly opened into a dark hall.  Sam glanced in and then walked inside, anxiety again gripping her heart.

Janet, did you get my messages?

There was a faint glow from the living room.  Sam peeked around the corner to see a small fire in the hearth.  That light was augmented by dozens of candles and tealights scattered around the room.

And, in the center of it all, Janet stood smiling. Her hair glinted in the firelight.  And her eyes sparkled.

"He-ey," she said in a throaty voice.

"Uh, hey there?"

As Sam's eyes became more accustomed to the dim light, she saw that Janet was wearing a short, sheer robe. It was tied at her waist but the pale flesh of her neck was exposed.

As the smaller woman slowly walked over to Sam, one foot in front of the other, Sam forced herself to swallow.

"No, I didn't get your message.  The machine is broken," Janet said in that same throaty voice.  "Was it important?"

"Jan..."  Sam cleared her still-dry throat.  "Janet, wh...what's going on?"

Janet stopped in front of Sam, curling her arms up and around Sam's neck.  "Isn't it obvious?"

Sam glanced around quickly.  Maybe this was some ruse.  A way to drop her guard like the time in the cell when Hathor was running around.  Maybe Janet was trying to get proof that Sam was...

Sam looked into the dark pools of Janet's eyes and knew she was a fool.  There was no anger, no hatred, no judgment in those eyes.  What was there was love, trust, and lust.

Janet twined her fingers in the short blonde locks at the back of Sam's head and gently pulled the taller woman's face to hers.  Their lips met softly.

Sam's heart raced, conscious thought was beyond her, and her pants suddenly felt far too warm.

When Janet's tongue moved into her mouth, everything in existence vanished for Sam.  All that mattered was the warm, wet sensual feel of Janet's mouth.

Janet pulled back and took Sam's hand, pulling the stunned woman into the living room.  "Sit.  Have some wine."

Janet led her to the couch and sat down.  Sam sat next to her.  Their stances couldn't be more different. Janet was relaxed, her face reflecting her lust. Sam was sitting erect, confusion spread across her face.

The wine had already been poured.  Janet handed her a delicate stemmed glass.

"Th...thank you," Sam managed to stutter.   Sam wanted to gulp the wine but forced herself to sip it.

"I'm glad you're here," Janet purred, her breath tickling Sam's ear.


Janet cupped Sam's cheek in her soft hand and turned the blonde to her.  "Yes, you do," she whispered before again taking Sam's mouth.

For several long minutes, the only sounds in the room were the crackle from the fireplace and the sounds of soft, wet kisses shared.

When Janet finally broke the kiss, she caressed Sam's cheek once more then stood.  The robe had already fallen open and she shrugged it off, tossing it to the side.

Beneath, Janet was wearing what had to be the skimpiest lingerie Sam had ever seen.  In the dim light, Sam saw the sheer, see-thru bra and thong had an olive-drab camouflage pattern.  The blonde smiled.

"You like?  I went to Denver this morning and picked them up."  Janet reached out and Sam took her hand. "Now, you need to get more comfortable."

"I...don't have anything like that..."  Sam's eyes roamed over Janet's incredibly scanty attire.

Janet giggled, intentionally misunderstanding her friend.  "Sweetie, I may be bustier but I've seen you in physicals.  You have lovely breasts."

"That's not..."  Sam's words died as Janet, moving behind her, unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders, kissing the soft skin around the bra straps.

Soft hands caressed Sam's stomach on their down to her pants.  Her pants were slowly unbuttoned as kisses feathered across her shoulders.

She felt Janet's warm flesh against her nearly naked back as the doctor slid down to help her out of her sandals.  Then Janet lifted each leg to tug Sam's pants off.

Janet stood and whispered in Sam's ear, "I think you look lovely in the candlelight."

Sam started to respond until her words changed to moans as Janet nibbled on the outer edge of her ear.

"Oooo Janet!" she sighed.  Janet giggled and licked the inside of Sam's ear.  That brought out another "Ooooooo."

Sam felt the forgotten pressure of her bra ease. Janet slipped the straps off her shoulders.  Those talented hands moved around Sam's body to cup her mounds, the fingers dancing lightly over her erect nipples.

One hand moved down under the elastic waist of Sam's panties.  As Janet's tongue danced in her ear, the doctor's nimble fingers played with her sopping core.

A finger slipped into her near-molten hole and Sam felt her knees tremble.  "Ooooo.  Janet..."

Janet moved in front of Sam's trembling form and held her tightly as she directed the blonde onto the couch.  The doctor held Sam's hands as she let the taller woman slowly collapse on the cushions.  Then she knelt and took a deep breath of the heady aroma coming from her new lover.

'Time enough for that, Janet' she thought to herself. She wanted to taste Sam's pert breasts.  For some time, she had admired them.  Now was her chance to feel them in her mouth...

"Oh Janet..." Sam sighed as soft lips wrapped around one hard nipple.  As fingernails lightly pinched the other, the sigh deepened.

While she sucked on the hardness in her mouth and played with it's twin, Janet used her free hand to cup Sam through her panties.  The woman was practically on fire.  If it wasn't for her juices soaking the thin cotton, Janet was sure those panties would've combusted by this point.

Sam was unsure where to push forward.  She wanted the mouth on her tit to take more but she craved the fingers on her covered slit.  She compromised and forced one lethargic arm to hold Janet's head to her while she pushed her crotch against the fingers playing there.

Soft sucking sounds mingled with equally soft sighs and moans in the flame-lit room.

"Oh, Janet!  Please!  I!"

Janet sat back, releasing both breasts, her fingers barely grazing Sam's wetness.  "What?  What do you need, Love?"

"I need to...cum.  I need you to make me cum!"

Janet smiled wickedly, looking in Sam's lust-clouded eyes, "What is the magic word?"

"Please!  Please make me cum!  Please lick me!  I want your mouth on my..."

"Your what?"

"My pussy!  I want your mouth on my pussy!  Please Janet!"

Slowly pealing Sam's panties down, Janet leaned in and kissed her navel, muttering against the flat stomach, "It'll be my pleasure."

The brunette moved in and planted light kisses on each of Sam's knees, her tongue tracing one small scar on the side of her left knee.  Sam squirmed and giggled.

"That tickles!"

"Does this?" Janet asked in response before lightly kissing the insides of Sam's thighs.  Occasionally she paused and suckled gently on the soft skin on her way to her goal.

Seeing the quivering, enflamed flesh peaking out from beneath Sam's wet curls, Janet stopped.  It was lovely.  She suddenly realized how lucky she was that Sam took the chance with that cd.

Janet nipped at Sam's thighs just below the juncture of her hips, leaving little hickeys where only she would see them.  Her hands trailed lazily over Sam's flat stomach, one finger tickling her navel.  The other moved back, tracing the edge of the damp pubic curls then combing down through the fur.  Those fingers met Janet's tongue as she got her first, somewhat diluted taste of Sam.

"I want more," she whispered against the soft thigh.

Using both thumbs, she gently parted the fleshy mound.  Sam opened like a beautiful, wet flower.  Janet gazed at the lovely sight in awe.

"Thank you," she said softly.

"Huh?"  Sam wasn't feeling too coherent at the moment.

"Thank you for sharing yourself."

With that, Janet leaned in for her first real taste of Sam.  She knew she'd never forget this moment.  Or this special night.

The heat closed around the doctor's questing tongue as it slipped into the aroused petals of Sam's sex.  The flavor was thick and musky.  And oh-so special.

Sam cried out as she felt the soft, insistent intruder between her legs.  It had been so long since anyone had touched her there...

"Oh, so good..."

Janet smiled inwardly as her mouth was a bit busy. She traced every nook and cranny, every ridge of flesh and every hollow within Sam.  Inside the woman she was pleasuring, she searched for and quickly found that one special spot.  As she lightly tapped it with her tongue, Sam cried, "OOOooo!"

Janet pulled back for a brief moment.  She saw Sam's little friend poking out of it's protective sheath. The doctor was quite tempted to suck on the little nub but it was too soon.  She wanted to drag this out for a few more minutes.

Sam lost all track of time as she felt Janet's tongue traveling around her vagina before sliding inside. The woman was driving her crazy.  Even when she was deep inside Sam, her soft hair brushed over the hickeys on her inner thighs...

Sam's body began to tense.  Janet sensed this first, then felt the tension around her tongue.  She quickly withdrew.  She really wanted to enjoy this.

Sam moaned.  She had been about to cum.  And not from her own hand.  It had been exquisite.  But far, far from enough...


"Ssh, darling.  Just take it easy," the doctor said softly.  She stroked Sam's stomach.  "I want you to remember this night."

"I...I will."

"Good.  I will never forget this either."

After an eternity of seconds, Janet returned to her joyous activity.

Sam put a hand on the back of Janet's head as she felt the young woman's tongue again caressing her.  It took far less time to reach the edge and Sam was determined to reach her climax this time.

Janet, however, had other plans.  She pulled back once again when she felt her friend and lover start to tense.  While she had to exert some force to pull her head back, Sam conceded after a fruitless moment's attempt to keep the doctor where she was.

"Go-oood!  Janet!  Please!"

Feeling the urge to tease the normally staid woman, Janet again asked, "Please what?"

With far less prompting this time, Sam moaned, "Please lick me.  Eat my pussy.  I need to cum!"

Suppressing a thrilling shiver at the dirty talk coming from Sam, Janet rested her chin in Sam's pubic thatch, looking up at the blonde.  Blowing Sam a kiss, she whispered, "Third time's the charm"

The good doctor was true to her word.  Almost before she finished the last word, her tongue was delving into Sam's depths yet again.

Janet knew Sam was so very close.  Her respiration kicked up several notches as tongue touched labia.

And, if anything, the woman was hotter and wetter than before.  A small, clinical part of Janet's mind wondered if this was normal.  The rest gave in to the joy of pleasuring her friend.

Muscles tightened anew.  Breathing became panting. Moaning became squealing.

Janet finally assailed the little clitoris with her tongue, replacing that supple tool with her index finger inside Sam.

Sam's squeals of pleasure changed to screams of delight as everything went white.

Janet sat back on her heels, her breathing almost as ragged as Sam's.  Her body had come incredibly close to an orgasm without anyone touching her.

Janet sat on the couch next to Sam and enfolded the blonde in her arms.  She cooed soothing nothings in her ear while stroking the tense, quivering flesh.

'This is how it's meant to be,' Janet thought.  'Not that blind, groping, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sex with the jerk.  But love and tenderness that heightens the passion.'

Sam blinked up at Janet, smiling weakly.

"He-ey.  You okay?"

Sam nodded, "Better than I've been in...a long time."

Janet smiled at her lover and Sam melted.  There had always been something special about that beautiful smile.

"Kiss me," Sam whispered.  Janet happily obliged, a soft, close-mouthed kiss.  Sam took the initiative and pushed her tongue into Janet's mouth.

"My turn," she breathed into her friend.

Seeming to slip bonelessly to the floor, Sam managed to kneel between Janet's leg.  The see-through camou material was practically transparent now.  Sam could easily see Janet's lust-swollen labia pressing against the thin material.

Leaning in, Sam licked slowly up the length of Janet's covered slit.  The flavor of the doctor was new and exciting to Sam.

"I'm sorry," she muttered.

Janet, shivering from that sole lick, looked down. "Wh...why?"

"I can't wait...  I need to..."

Sam pulled the material to the side and slipped her tongue between the beautifully delicate lips, tasting Janet directly for the first time.  "Mmm..."

Sam's probing tongue quickly brought Janet to screaming orgasm.  Time enough later to explore all the other wonderful facets of Janet.

And to pay the brunette back for her wonderful 'torture'.

* * * * * *

And hour later, the new lovers lay together near the fire under an afghan Janet pulled from her couch. They were content to cuddle quietly, basking in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Finally, Sam had to break the silence.  "Janet?  Why did...  I mean, I'm not complaining but..."

"Well, your signal was pretty clear."


Janet nodded, her sweet hair tickling Sam's cheek, "Yes.  The cd with the stories and the art?  Did I misread that?"

Sam chuckled, "Oh yeah.  That was what I found hidden on Jack's hard drive.  I made that cd for me.  It never occurred to me that you'd grab it.

"And when I saw that it was missing, I was frantic.  I was so worried that you had it and would be offended. Or..."

"Offended?  Me?  Does this seem like I'm offended?" Janet sucked on Sam's earlobe as she slipped her finger inside the blonde briefly.

"No-ooOO!  But I had no idea you..."

"Played for the other team?" Sam nodded.  "Well, it's not that I don't like men or anything...  I just find women to be softer and more loving."

"So is this a case of two wrongs making a right?"

Janet nodded, "Not that either of us was wrong but yeah, I think so.  And Cassie will be thrilled."


"Sure, I think she thinks we should be together all the time."

"Do you?"

Janet nodded.

Sam buried her nose in Janet's brown locks, "Good."

"Better be, I'd hate to think I wasted my money on those two gummi vibrators today..."

Sam looked up to see if Janet was joking.  Instead she saw two candy-coated 'toys' in Janet's hands.

Thank God for Jack O'Neill and his lil' library of porn.

The End.

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