The Prizes

Prizes will be given out to the top 3 stories, as well as the "Most Unique/Creative Plotline." All prize-winning authors will also receive a graphic "award" to display with their story, both on the ShatterStorm Productions site as well as their own. The prizes are as follows:

First Prize The Smutty Afghan The Smutty Afghan
The original Smutty Afghan, which goes to the First Prize winner, is comprised of 64 squares using approximate 9 different colors of yarn in a granny square pattern. The Most Unique Concept winner will receive a similar afghan. Detail shots are available upon request.
The Smutty Afghan
Most Gratuitous Fandom Use The Muse Roses
This winner will receive a personally made set of "muse roses," made by Jenn. Below is the ShatterStorm Productions Muse Roses Garden, which encompasses the vast majority of AJ & Jenn's muses. Muse roses are a truly unique way to pay homage to one's creative muses. Details on the final flower/color/arrangement choices will be determined between the winner and Jenn.
ShatterStorm Productions Muse Roses Garden
Second Prize Third Prize Autographed Photograpsh
These places will each get to choose from among a list of autographed photos obtained at various conventions. Among the options are:
  • Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager
  • Chase Masterson, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Robert Beltran, Star Trek: Voyager

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