Contest Rules

Every contest has to have rules. How else is it to be a fair chance for everyone involved at getting the prize?

  1. Stories can be any length and any rating. There is no limit on either..
  2. Stories must be femslash. Mainly because that's what turns AJ on the most.
    • Note: If an author has an issue with writing femslash and would like to try their hand at boyslash, they must email AJ & Jenn with their pairing choice before continuing with their story for the contest.
  3. Pairing options for contest stories should preferably be one of the following [in no particular order]:
    • Janeway/Torres, Star Trek: Voyager
    • Crusher/Troi, Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Barbara/Helena, Birds of Prey
    • Sam/Janet, Stargate SG-1
    • Kerry/Elizabeth/Sandy/Abby/Susan, ER
    • Jadzia Dax/Kira Nerys, Star Trek: Deep Space 9
    • Ivanova/Talia, Babylon 5
    • Alex/Rachel, Poltergeist: The Legacy
    • Jinny/CD, The Division
  4. Submission requirements:
    • The deadline for submitting stories for consideration is 30 April 2003. This allows each author ample time to get their stories posted.
    • Finished stories should be sent to with a Subject line that reads "Smutty Afghan Contest Entry."
    • All stories submitted for this contest will be posted to the ShatterStorm Productions website, URL to be given out at a later date.
    • An author may submit multiple stories for consideration.
    • Any story submitted to the contest cannot be posted anywhere else on the 'net until the contest is over. Any story found posted elsewhere, be it messageboard, e-group, or personal website and/or archive, will be summarily disqualified from the contest.

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