Challenge #1

This challenge comes in two parts. It was originally posed by PEJA on a CSI list that Shatterpath is on, then she mentioned it to Stormwriter, who brought up the "Caveat Emptor" challenges of old. Together, they added to the challenge.

The original challenge from PEJA is as follows:

Some of the lists has been quiet so I thought I'd try something a little different.  Has everyone heard of improv writings? My vague understanding is I will give you a list of words.  Your mission is to write a story, any length, that uses those words/phrases.  Anyone want to give it a try?
Your words are
  • drip
  • freaky
  • hooked up
  • duck walk
  • fake
  • PEJA

    Then Shatterpath and Shatterstorm continued the challenge thus...

    My best friend is an English major and had this to add. The challenge is called a Caveat Emptor, or 'Buyer Beware.' It is an old writing challenge or training exercise. Traditionally it is fifteen words, so here we go.
  • 1: drip
  • 2: freaky
  • 3: hooked up
  • 4: duck walk
  • 5: fake
  • 6: dude
  • 7: your socks are on fire
  • 8: you never struck me as a trekkie.
  • 9: Canadian
  • 10: riverfront
  • 11: it's raining
  • 12: gondolier
  • 13: big screen
  • 14: coffee grounds
  • 15: the cat's in the oven  (jeezus AJ, where the hell did you get this one from? *laughs*)
  • NOW, it's a challenge! *evil laugh* I'm also forwarding this to some of my other girl-slash lists and we should all share the results, because I've never done this and I'm curious as hell!  Shatterstorm Productions has volenteered to archive the entire collection this will hopefully spawn. Come meet us at . This is gonna be FUN!


    Challenge One Responses
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